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Our practice is committed to providing you with a superior level of care in a friendly and personalized environment.

Why Choose Our Egg Bank for Your Fertility Journey

Many individuals and couples dream of starting a family, but this journey can be challenging for some. Montgomery Fertility Center, a renowned fertility clinic, is here to help navigate these hurdles. We specialize in gestational surrogacy in Maryland, where a woman carries a child for those unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term.


This practice is permitted in Maryland under case law, making it a viable option for singles, unmarried couples, and those using their gametes.

Trusted Referrals and Expertise

Our clinic prides itself on the numerous referrals we receive, particularly related to gestational surrogacy. These referrals testify to our patients’ trust in us and our commitment to exceptional care.

Your Secure Egg Bank

In addition to our surrogacy services, we operate a reliable egg bank. Here, egg cells, sperm cells, and embryos are stored safely for long-term use, playing a pivotal role when intended parents choose to use donor eggs for conception.

Overcoming Fertility Challenges Together

At Montgomery Fertility Center, we’ve dedicated years to helping people overcome fertility challenges. Our team provides expert medical advice, emotional support, and access to cutting-edge fertility treatments. Whether you’re considering gestational surrogacy or exploring other fertility solutions, we’re here every step of the way.

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Dear Dr. Famuyiwa:

You chose to become a physician in order to help people and made it your life’s work.

It’s a vitally important job, not an easy one, and carries heavy responsibilities balanced by the intangible rewards of the good you do.

Well, those intangible rewards just got a little more tangible.

We are proud to let you know that you have recently been honored by your patients with a “Patients’ Choice” recognition.

This honor reflects the difference you’ve made in these people’s lives through the exceptionally high praise granted to you by your patients.

Every month, more than 40,000 patients across the US provide online feedback about their experiences with their doctors. They rate various components, such as bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, degree of follow-up, courtesy of office staff, and overall opinions.

Over the course of 2008, these reviews have totaled hundreds of thousands of patient opinions. While physicians generally receive positive reviews from their patients, only a select few receive uniformly rave reviews across the board. Of those that receive rave reviews, only physicians like yourself with near-perfect scores have been voted by their patients for this honor.

In fact, of the nation’s 720,000 active physicians, less than 5% were accorded this honor by their patients in 2008.

You are, indeed, the “Patients’ Choice,” one of the physicians most highly regarded by their patients in 2008.

This notation of your distinction as a “Patients’ Choice” physician will be prominently displayed in your profile on a broad collection of web sites, including,, and a variety of managed care sites. These web sites are viewed by more than 150,000 people on a daily basis.

Congratulations once again on this outstanding distinction.


Erika Boyer

Vice President of Consumer Research at Vitals Consumer Services, LLC

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Our Physicians

Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

Medical Director

Dr. Oluyemisi (Yemi) Famuyiwa is the founder of the Montgomery Fertility Center in Rockville, MD. Dr. Famuyiwa is also the Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University…
Dr. Jinping Liu

Dr. Jinping Liu

Laboratory Director

Dr. Liu became part of the Montgomery Fertility Center team in 2015. She graced us with extensive experience in the field of assisted reproductive technology, human embryology, and andrology. Dr….


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