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Become an Egg Donor in Maryland

About Montgomery Fertility

Our practice is committed to providing you with superior care in a friendly and personalized environment. 
If you want to become an egg donor in Maryland and help women from other parts of the country who are in need you will be involve in a brief health exam and a genetic test, after which you’ll be matched with a recipient to help them conceive. It’s also a rewarding experience for any potential egg donor because it can be a fulfilling job that benefits others. Call us now! 
Become an Egg Donor in Maryland


Montgomery Fertility Center

Thank you for choosing Montgomery Fertility Center. Our practice is committed to providing you with superior care in a friendly and personalized environment. Our approach is dedicated to providing reproductive services and infertility health care for our patients with pleasant surroundings in a state-of-the-art facility.

We are very proud of the relationships that we have established with our patients. The physicians and staff at Montgomery Fertility Center are focused on maintaining your trust and confidence. We are incredibly honored that our patients have referred so many of their friends and relatives to our practice. 


We look forward to making lasting relationships with every patient we meet. 


Dedicated to Excellence

We hold ourselves to a high level of excellence in every aspect of our practice. This includes the care we provide, our equipment, the health and safety protocols we follow, and the incidental services we offer. Above all, we aim to give each of our patients an optimal experience. 

Fertility IVF in Maryland
Fertility Specialist in Maryland


An Experienced Physician

Our physician has completed extensive education, clinical training, and specialized training in her area of expertise. She is a board-certified professional who holds memberships and fellowships in many professional organizations. Driven to improve her knowledge and the services she provides constantly, our physician attends conferences and society meetings to learn about the latest advancements in the field and offer these techniques and technologies to our patients. In all these ways and more, we can provide our patients with the highest quality of care.


The Importance of Patient Education

A crucial part of preventing a healthcare problem is being aware of how it can develop. Patient education is an essential part of the services we provide. In addition to talking to our patients during their exams, we have a ready supply of patient education materials in our office, such as brochures and information sheets. We encourage our patients to read about their condition and ask us questions about how to stay healthy.

Thank you for choosing us as your reproductive services and infertility healthcare provider!

Please feel free to call us to make an appointment:

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Become an Egg Donor in Northeastern US


Our Physicians

Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

Medical Director

Dr. Oluyemisi (Yemi) Famuyiwa is the founder of the Montgomery Fertility Center in Rockville, MD. Dr. Famuyiwa is also the Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University…
Dr. Jinping Liu

Dr. Jinping Liu

Laboratory Director

Dr. Liu became part of the Montgomery Fertility Center team in 2015. She has extensive experience in assisted reproductive technology, human embryology, and andrology. Dr….


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Thank you for choosing Montgomery Fertility Center.
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