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Hysteroscopy Procedure in Maryland

A hysteroscopy is a procedure using a tool called a hysteroscope to examine the lining of the uterus and identify, diagnose, or treat abnormalities.
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Problems in the lining of your uterus can manifest in different ways, including abnormal bleeding, bleeding after menopause, and infertility. Address these conditions before they lead to further complications by visiting Montgomery Fertility Center for a hysteroscopy procedure. Maryland patients turn to us because we use state-of-the-art hysteroscopes and other medical equipment to identify, diagnose, and treat uterine abnormalities.

Our hysteroscopy specialist can also diagnose and remove fibroids and polyps. In addition, they are highly skilled at finding and repositioning intrauterine devices.


Learn What Happens During a Hysteroscopy Procedure

The procedure begins by putting you under general or local anesthesia to help you relax and prevent any potential discomfort. Your doctor will insert the hysteroscope into your vagina and through the cervix until it reaches the uterus. The tool projects an image onto a display screen so the doctor can closely inspect the uterine lining.


Any polyps will be carefully cut and removed using a surgical device. The doctor may also take a small tissue sample under a microscope. Please note that it is normal to experience cramping or vaginal discharge after the procedure.


A hysteroscopy is a simple and safe procedure; however, it is not recommended for everyone. It should only be performed if a doctor specifically recommends it. Contact us for more information about hysteroscopies or to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

Dr. Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa

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Dr. Oluyemisi (Yemi) Famuyiwa is the founder of the Montgomery Fertility Center in Rockville, MD. Dr. Famuyiwa is also the Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University…
Dr. Jinping Liu

Dr. Jinping Liu

Laboratory Director

Dr. Liu became part of the Montgomery Fertility Center team in 2015. She graced us with extensive experience in the field of assisted reproductive technology, human embryology, and andrology. Dr….


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