Sheila Frysinger

Dr. Yemi is a very compassionate Doctor. She feels your pain and she also rejoices with your victory like a long time friend. It wasn’t an easy path and it certainly was a long process for me, anybody that says they got it right the first time is rare and very lucky. It was at the same time a learning process. I learned about what my issues were, Dr. Yemi clarified everything to me. She is very flexible with her schedule so she can accommodate me and her other patients. She helped me have my chunky, healthy baby boy. I am forever grateful to have met her.

Gabriel S

My wife and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Famuyiwa for making the impossible possible. My wife was given a 3% chance of getting pregnant due to her complicated medical condition. Several other fertility clinics, which I will not mention, turned us around because of her slim chances of success – I guess that this is a good strategy if you want to keep your “perfect” ratings-. Dr. Famuyiwa did not back away from this challenge. She was very sincere about the outcome and explained us the whole process in detail. She guided us through each step of the way while treating us with respect and compassion. After many months of hard work and stress, my wife finally got pregnant. Her pregnancy is progressing well and we are expecting a boy. We highly recommend Dr. Famuyiwa for her professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. Thank you, once again. Respectfully, Gabriel and Flora

Stella Sebina

I had a very good experience with Dr, Famuyiwa. She is very knowledgeable in her field and very compassionate. She takes every case with passion and empathy and will walk you through the process every step of the way. I visit her very often with our twins.

Ugochi N

We are grateful to God Almighty for directing us to Dr Famuyiwa and her staff at Montgomery Fertility Center who God used to wipe out our tears of about 3 years plus we tried different doctors but to no avail. But we were being recommended to see Dr Famuyiwa who God used to bless us now as we are expecting our very first baby. Our heart is filled with joy of being parents.. I can’t thank God enough and am so grateful to God and Dr Famuyiwa and her staff for all they did to help us achieve this good news. May the good Lord continue to bless each and everyone of you. I had to share my good news as it’s my very first time to visit them and God gave us victory.

Nardos Ketsela

I will be forever grateful to you for blessing me with two beautiful boys !! They are two weeks old today💕❤️🙏

Riko Jones

My husband and I have been blessed to grow our family because of Dr. Famuyiwa and her staff. Dr. Famuyiwa always listened to us closely and provided every available option. I felt her suggestions were always beyond medical or scientific point of view. She understood our philosophy, value, family relationship, financial situation and even work schedule, and guided us to success without excessive stress. Her staff were always cheerful, friendly, and most importantly very skilled. They were busy and covered almost everything from paper work to assisting in surgery rooms, yet they were always on top of everything. All I described above were particularly important for us after experiencing catastrophic services from a regional fertility treatment center. We wasted our time there for resentful patient services over 10 months before visiting Montgomery Fertility Center. We were very fortunate to conceive shortly after meeting Dr. Famuyiwa and her staff, and we enjoyed the entire journey with them. We strongly believe that she is the best doctor to see to discuss fertility treatment.

Khadeja Baidoo

Dr. Yemi, Thank you so much for being dedicated to your patients, team members and students like me who are struggling to find their way in the healthcare industry. As an FNP student, I always thought taking care of the geriatric population is my passion, not until you gave me the privilege to shadow you. I want you to know, you have a passion for what you do, I could just read your mind the first day I entered your practice that you work hard with your patients to reach a common goal. You put your patients first and you handle every patient compassionately. I am here to advertise you and your company on all news media. Thank you for your love and knowledge shared with me. GOD bless you.

Bipin Benedict

If you are reading this, that means you are mostly looking for fertility help and from our personal experience you are at the right place. You need to understand that not everyone has the same success story to tell. It will be different from people to people. So give enough time and also stick to the plans. Doctor has extensive knowledge in her field and has good experience. She and her team are very helpful, supportive and compassionate. Good Luck.

Nereida M. Rivera

My personal experience with Dr. Famuyiwa and her team has been exceptional. Dr. Famuyiwa is a scholar in her specialty. Dr. Famuyiwa took care of my pregnancy during the first semester. Her wise decisions and advice contributed to maintain my pregnancy. In addition, I am grateful that you were interested in my case and I admire your demonstration of appreciation for life because even when other doctors did not consider my developing baby viable because I was at a very early and vulnerable stage. Dr. Famuyiwa took care of me and even more showed empathy for my situation. Visiting your consultation has been a blessing. (Original) My experiencia personal con la Dr. Famuyiwa y con su equipo de trabajo ha sido exceptional. Dr. Famuyiwa es una erudita en su especialidad. Dr. Famuyiwa cuidó de mi embarazo durante el primer semestre. Sus sabias decisiones y consejos contribuyeron para poder mantener mi embarazo. Además, agradezco que se haya interesado en mi caso y admiro su demostración de aprecio a la vida pues aún cuando otros doctores no consideraban mi bebé en desarrollo viable porque estaba en una etapa muy temprana y vulnerable. Dr. Famuyiwa me atendió y más aún demostró empatía por mi situación. Haber visitado su consulta ha sido de bendición.

Sayaka Maeda

All the staffs are polite and very kind. They always take care of us, encourage us, and cheer us on. When I was down, they gave me warm hugs; when I am happy finally, they gave me very warm smiles. We deeply appreciate their help. The staff were very friendly and friendly, and the whole office had a peaceful atmosphere. When I was in trouble, they supported me gently, and when I was pleased, we were pleased together. I was fortunate to be able to treated here. (Original) All the staffs are polite and very kind. They always take care of us, encourage us, and cheer us on. When I was down, they gave me warm hugs; when I am happy finally, they gave me very warm smiles. We deeply appreciate their help. スタッフの方は皆様とてもやさしくフレンドリーで、オフィス全体が和やかな雰囲気でした。つらい時はそっと支えてくれ、喜ぶときは一緒になって喜んでくれ、本当に励みになりました。治療をここですることができたのは幸運でした。